Monday, 8 February 2010

Cruise Shark

This useful application called Cruise Shark was brought to my attention a few days ago by one of my regular customers who normally books with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises.  What this application does is allow you to monitor the price of a cruise you have booked or are interested in booking in the future.  At the moment the application only covers Carnival, Azamara, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean cruise lines.

The main benefit of Cruise Shark covering these cruise lines is that they have a price matching policy where if they drop the price of your cruise after you have booked it they will reduce your price accordingly (subject to terms and conditions).  The cruise lines operate this policy on the basis that it is not done automatically, you have to monitor this yourself and bring it to their attention.  Cruise Shark will let you know if the price drops without causing too much hastle and could save a lot of money, it has certainly saved the person that brought this to my attention hundreds of pounds.  This software is hosted by and you will need to register on their site before being able to download Cruise Shark.

You can get Cruise Shark from here


  1. Richard,

    This is Sabbo, creator of Cruise Shark. Think you for the nice post. I did want to let you know the home for Cruise Shark has been moved to

  2. I could not find I hope they have not gone away!

    1. Try